Turquoise Cabochons

Apple Coral


Rainbow Calsilica

Rough Kingman Turquoise

New Boulder Turquoise

Turquoise Strands

Mohave Green Turquoise


Mohave Green Turquoise
Mohave Green Turquoise Side Drilled Pendants
Pendants   $30.00 Each
Cut in Kingman, Az.  Top side drilled with a 1.8mm hole.
Available In Trapezoid And Teardrop Shapes.

Zinc Metal Matrix

Antique Rectange 12x16mm   $43/strand 

Traditional Rondell

6mm   $29/strand

Flat Ovals

8x10mm  $29/strand

Cushion Rectangle and Ovals Black Matrix

Two Colors as shown in images: lime green and "autum" green brownish green.

Cushion oval  Both Colors
8x10   oval    $25/strand
10x14 oval    $29/strand

Rectangle Lime color
8x12 rectangle   $25/strand


Hishi Black Matrix

2mm   $17/strand

3mm   $20/strand

4mm   $23/strand

Autumn color

Round Beads Black Matrix

Autum Color

6mm round   $27/strand

8mm round   $52/strand

Barrel Rondells

4mm barrel  $23/strand 22"
Autumn colors

5mm barrel  $27/strand 22"
Autumn color

6mm barrel  $40/strand 22"
Both colors

4-10 graduated $35/strand
Autumn color

Calibrated Nuggets
 8x11mm Nuggets  16"   $42.00

Traditional Rondelle Strands

6-12mm   $45.00   16"

Barrel Rondelle Strands

4mm Rondelle         $23.00  22"
5mm Rondelle         $27.00  22"
6mm Rondelle         $40.00  22"
4-10mm Graduated $35.00  16"
6-10mm Graduated $40.00  18"

Round Strands

4mm Round         $23.00      16"
6mm Round         $29.00      16"
8mm Round         $52.00      16"
10mm Round       $73.00      16"
12mm Round       $85.00      16" 

Heishi Strands

4mm Heishi         $23.00     22"


Flat Ovals

8x10mm     $25.00 16"
10x14mm   $29.00 16"
13x18mm   $33.00 16"


Cushion Rectangle Strands

8x12mm Rectangle  $25.00  16"
10x14mm Rectangle $29.00 16"

13x18mm Rectangle $33.00 16"