Turquoise Cabochons

Apple Coral


Rainbow Calsilica

Rough Kingman Turquoise

New Boulder Turquoise

Turquoise Strands

Mohave Green Turquoise


Semi Clear Kingman Turquoise

Small, Medium and Large sizes in stock. Semi clear stabilized Kingman Turquoise. Natural color. Blue/Green in color. Light amounts of white spots or tiny matix may exist in this material. 

Email or call for pricing and available inventory. info.colbaugh@citlink.net or 928.565.4650

Stabilized Kingman Turquoise
Teal Kingman Turquoise

Dark to Medium Teal stabilized Kingman Turquoise. Medium to large sizes available. Call or email for pricing and images of available stock. 928.565.4650 or info.colbaugh@citlink.net

Gold Matrix Kingman 

Stabilized KingmanTurquoise. Natural color. Comes in sizes smal, medium and large. Blues, blue greens to dark deep greens available. Less matrix to heavy matrix. New stock. Best seller. Easily cuts cabs, beads and matching sets. Call or email for pricing and available stock. 
info.colbaugh@citlink.net Office 928.565.4650

Two Tone Kingman

Blue to Green two tone stabilized Kingman cutting rough. Small, medium and large sizes. Lighter to heavier matrix. Natural colors. Email or call for pricing and available stock. info.colbaugh@citlink.net


Turquoise Mountain

Classic Red to brown Matrix "Turquoise Mountain"  Kingman Turquoise cutting rough. Stabilized. Natural color. Colors are light to medium blue green. Matrix from heavy to lighter amounts.

Sizes available small, medium to larger.

Call or email for pricing. 928.565.4650 info.colbaugh@citlink.net

"Old Kingman Turquoise"


This "Old Kingman" rough is actually new stock. We have named it this because its a reminder to Marty(owner) of the type of turquoise his grandpa Chuck Colbaugh was mining out of the Kingman mine on Ithica Peak back in the 1960's & 1970's.

Comes in small, medium and larger pieces. Stabilized with natural color.

Light to Medium blue with brown matrix.

Call or email for pricing. 928.565.4650 info.colbaugh@citlink.net

Kingman High Grade Green Rough

AAA grade green cutting rough.Medium to large pieces available. Clear to gold matrix pieces. Great for large cabs. Slab earrings and beads. Also smaller sizes available for inlay projects. Price based on sizing.