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Turquoise Cabochons

All turquoise cabochons are sold by the card.

Card weight and piece counts are approximate.

Kingman Free form cabochons

Freeform cabs cut from stabilized Kingman turquiose. Hand cut in Arizona. Sold loose or by the card. Prices starting at $1.25/ct and up to $3.00/ct for premium quality. Please email for available inventory and prices.  Sales@kingmanturquoise.com  

Large Kingman Freeforms

Larger freeforms about 20 mm and up can be sold single off the card. Sold @$1.25/ct. Please email for available inventory. Custom cuts can be ordered. Pricing for custom cuts vary.


Size     Weight  Pieces   Price
5mm      85ct     170     $2.25/ct
6mm    100ct     120     $2.25/ct
8mm    105ct       72     $2.25/ct
10mm   115ct      42     $2.25/ct
12mm   100ct      30     $2.25/ct
14mm   110ct      20     $2.25/ct
16mm   115ct      16     $2.25/ct


Size      Weight   Pieces   Price
4x6         85ct     180     $2.25/ct
5x7         85ct     120     $2.25/ct
6x8         95ct       90     $2.25/ct
7x9        115ct      72     $2.25/ct
8x10      135ct      56      $2.25/ct
10x12    150ct      36      $2.25/ct
10x14    130ct      30      $2.25/ct
12x16    140ct      25      $2.25/ct
13x18    145ct      20      $2.25/ct
15x20    155ct      15      $2.25/ct
18x25    160ct       9       $2.25/ct
22x30    185ct       6      $2.25/ct
30x40    210ct       4      $2.25/ct

Long Ovals
Size  Weight   Pieces     Price
5x10  105ct        84    $2.25/ct
6x12  120ct        60    $2.25/ct
6x18  105ct        40    $2.25/ct
7x14  120ct        45    $2.25/ct
7x20   125ct       30    $2.25/ct
8x16   120ct       32    $2.25/ct
8x22   110ct       24    $2.25/ct

Pear Shapes

Size    Weight   Pieces      Price
6x8       88ct       90        $2.25/ct
6x9       88ct       80        $2.25/ct
7x9      105ct      72        $2.25/ct
7x10      92ct      63        $2.25/ct
7x14    110ct      45        $2.25/ct
8x10    110ct      56        $2.25/ct
9x13    125ct      42        $2.25/ct
10x12  100ct      36        $2.25/ct
10x14  120ct      30        $2.25/ct
12x16  155ct      25        $2.25/ct
13x18  130ct      20        $2.25/ct

Size    Weight  Pieces     Price
4mm      80ct      255     $2.25/ct
5mm    100ct      168     $2.25/ct
6mm    115ct      120     $2.25/ct
8mm    160ct        72     $2.25/ct
10mm  135ct        42     $2.25/ct
12mm  150ct        30     $2.25/ct
16mm  165ct        16     $2.25/ct


Size       Weight   Pieces   Price
7x14       150ct       45     $2.25/ct
7x20       125ct       30     $2.25/ct
8x10       125ct       56     $2.25/ct
10x14     160ct       30      $2.25/ct
12x16     165ct       20      $2.25/ct
13x18     165ct       16      $2.25/ct
15x20     218ct       15      $2.25/ct

18x25     180ct         9      $2.25/ct