Turquoise Cabochons

Apple Coral


Rainbow Calsilica

Rough Kingman Turquoise

New Boulder Turquoise

Turquoise Strands

Mohave Green Turquoise


Turquoise Strands

12 mm Turquoise Rounds

Strands are 8" long in a beautiful light blue semi-clear color.


12mm Turquoise Rounds
12mm Turquoise Rounds

Turquoise Coins

Coins in a seafoam green color!

7.5mm $43 16"L

10mm $57 16"L

12mm $41 *8"L


Turquoise Semi-Rounds

In a beautiful seafoam green color!

4mm $23 16"L

6mm $41 16"L

8mm $57 16"L


Turquoise Rondels

Traditional rondels in a beautiful seafoam green color!

8mm $39 8"L

10mm $53 8"L

12mm $69 8"L

Traditional Rondells

4mm   $34/strand

5mm   $36/strand

6mm   $40/strand

Traditional turquoise Rondells. Strands 16" in length. Blue/green in color. 

Calibrated Nuggets

Email for available size and price. Multiple sizes in stock. 8x9mm to 9.5x13mm in stock. Prices vary upon color, size and quality.




Calibrated Nuggets mined, cut and produced here on site in Kingman, Arizona.

Kingman Nuggets
Edge ground nuggets. Cut onsite in Kingman.
Strands 16' in length.
Price varies per strand based on the weight.

Green Round Beads

9mm  $57/strand

10mm $63/strand

16" in length

Round Beads

8mm $68/str   16" Light

10mm $75/str  16" Light

Kingman Turquoise round beads 100% mined, cut and strung on location here in Kingman, Arizona. Stabilized turquoise. Natural color. 

Light Color
AA Round Beads
6mm     $85/strand 16" long
8mm    $125/strand 16" long

8mm Round Beads

Blue Rounds Bronze Matrix


Cut in Kingman, AZ. Dark blue Kingman turquoise with infused bronze matrix. Natural color.

6mm    $65/strand  16"

8mm    $90/strand  16" 

2mm Hishi 22" long.
$30/strand 22" long

Nugget Strands

Small to Large                  $200/LB

Strands can range from 5mm to 8mm in size.
There is a large available variety of natural colored Kingman stabilized nuggets in an affordable price range.