Turquoise Cabochons

Apple Coral


Rainbow Calsilica

Rough Kingman Turquoise

New Boulder Turquoise

Turquoise Strands

Mohave Green Turquoise


Turquoise Strands
Spiny Oyster Turquoise Semi Round Beads

5-6mm $40/str

7mm  $55/str

8mm $65/str

Traditional Rondells


4mm   $34/strand

5mm   $36/strand

6mm   $40/strand

Traditional turquiose Rondells. Strands 16" in length. Blue/green to blue in color. 

Kingman 5x6mm Nuggets
Edge ground nuggets 5x6mm in size all blue. Cut onsite in Kingman.
Strands 16' in length.

Green Round Beads

9mm  $57/strand

10mm $63/strand

16" in length

Round Beads

8mm $68/str   16" Light

10mm $75/str  16" Light

Kingman Turquoise round beads 100% mined, cut, drilled and strung on location here in Kingman, Arizona. Stabilized turquoise. Natural color. 

Light Color
AA Round Beads
6mm     $85/strand 16" long
8mm    $125/strand 16" long

6mm Round Beads
$60/strand   16" long

8mm Round Beads

Blue Rounds Bronze Matrix


Cut in Kingman, AZ. Dark blue Kingman turquoise with infused bronze matrix. Natural color.

6mm    $65/strand  16"

8mm    $90/strand  16" 

Calibrated Nuggets

Calibrated Nugget  $52/str.  16" long

Calibrated nuggets 100% mined, cut, drilled and strung on location in Kingman, Arizona. Stabilized turquoise. natural color.

2mm Hishi 22" long.
$30/strand 22" long

Kingman Turquoise Side Drilled Pendants

Pendants   $30.00 Each
Cut in Kingman, Az.  Top side drilled with a 1.8mm hole.
Available In Trapezoid And Teardrop Shapes.
Bead Strand To Be Purchased Separately. 

Kingman Graduated Chunky Nuggets
16" Graduated Strand   $450.00/LB
Cut In U.S.A.

Nugget Strands

Small to Large                  $200/LB

Strands can range from 5mm to 8mm in size.
There is a large available variety of natural colored Kingman stabilized nuggets in an affordable price range.